Terms & Conditions:

Shipper’s Responsibilities – The shipper shall be responsible for timely and accurate delivery instructions and description of the cargo, including any special handling requirements, for any shipment. Shipper shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to the transportation of its freight, including but not limited to those relating to the packing, marking, labeling, carriage, or delivery of freight.

The customer is responsible for customs duties/ charges and will not hold Cavin E Com LLP (Herein after called Shipmybox) against any of the associated charges and/or delays arising due to customs clearance.

The customer / client is fully responsible for the dimensions and weight. Any differences or variations in the weight / dimensions would incur additional charges, for the extra weight and processing charges would be levied accordingly due to the changes. It may also lead to stoppage of shipment due to the discrepancy in the dimensions declared.

Shipmybox will not be responsible for any shipment held beyond our control for reasons such as customs clearance, government agencies, natural calamities or unforeseen events.

The customer also agrees not to ship any items listed as prohibited under the laws of the land (GOI) (subject to changes from time to time) and is solely responsible for the consequences arising out of it if sent.

Return shipment charges and also possible custom charges have to be borne only by the customer/ client provided, if there is no error or mistake on part of Shipmybox.

Conditions for Claims: A complaint should have been registered within 72 Hours in writing from the shipment delivery date along with necessary documents.

In case of shipment damage because of shipmybox’s mistake, refund will be given in 1 month subject to fulfilling certain conditions.

Claims on shipment value above Rs.1000/- would be entertained only upon insurance of the packages.

Liability for Shipmybox:

The extent of our liability for lost or damaged shipment is limited to the lowest of these 3 amounts:

Rupees 1000/- or the actual amount of loss or damage as per Shipmybox’s invoice or the actual value of the package. This does not include any commercial utility or special value to the shipper or any other person.

Definition: “Actual Value”

This means the lowest of the following amounts determined at the time and the place we accepted the shipment documents (meaning any shipment without commercial value).


Package means, shipment with commercial value.

The cost of repairing or replacing the content or the resale of the fair market value of the content. The actual value of the parcel cannot be more than the original cost for the shipper with an additional ten percent.

Any claims on documents will be entertained upon taking the insurance – DHL etc.

Shipmybox will not be liable for:

Delayed shipments: we will put our best foot forward to deliver your shipment according to our standard schedules. Shipmybox is not liable for any delays, on account of picking up a shipment or transporting a shipment and delivering a shipment


Shipmybox reserves the right without admitting liability to refund transportation/shipping charges or so. But shipmybox is not obligated to do so.


Circumstances beyond our control shipmybox is not liable if shipment is lost or mis deliveries or damaged because of circumstances beyond our control.


Those circumstances include but not limited to:

An act of God for example Tsunami, earthquake, cyclone, storm or flood etc.

Force Majeure for example war, plane crash or embargo.

Any defect or characteristic has to do with the nature of the shipment. Even if known to us when we accepted it.



Consequential damages: 

Shipmybox is not liable for the following, whether they arise in contract or any other form of civil aviation, including negligence, and even if they are our fault.

Consequential or special damages of loss.

Other direct loss / Breach of other contracts.


All disputes are subject to Chennai jurisdiction only.